Estia - property management


#1 Need

Estia SpA is a company which industrialized the property management business (in Italy run mostly by single operators) through a structure of branches spread at national level and a central office coordinating the whole activity and the customer relations. 

#2 Analisys and design

During the start-up phase of the new company, the OTTO designers together with the IT managers of Estia analyzed the different workflows and possible process automations, in order to develop a web app that best fits the specific needs. The analysis and design phase was particularly delicate and important, as the lack of real use cases required a considerable design effort.



#4 Integrazione con i sistemi esterni

One of the most important features that kept the development team engaged is the constant connection between the Estia system backend with two software already existing on the market: the real estate management software Arcadia and Arxivar, a web application for documents archive.

Specific APIs have been developed capable of querying both Arcadia and Arxivar data and, in some cases, making changes, thanks to ad hoc developments on the systems.

The external data is then decorated and integrated with the data processed directly by the webapp and presented with the different frontend applications.

#5 Area amministratori

Estia administrators who operate on the field have access to data according to their area of ​​competence. Headquarters staff, on the other hand, can view and operate on all buildings and properties.

The different functions are also associated with corporate roles: from customer service to the legal office, from the suppliers to the buildings budgeting office.



#6 Portale condòmini

Another webapp, which shares the same data, is the one developed for inhabitants, owners or tenants.

Through a simplified interface they can retrieve information relating to their home in real time: documents, installments, town planning and cadastral data. They also have a ticketing tool available to request interventions or information from Estia staff.

#7 TMS

The TMS, acronym of Task Management System, is the most powerful tool that has been developed in the Estia project.

With the TMS it is possible to dynamically manage all company issues through semi-automated tasks. A configuration area allows you to instantiate task categories, with the related flows and the related opening, expiration, notification automatisms.

Tasks are pre-assigned to specific roles or corporate users, depending on the configuration parameters. Deadlines, priorities and other data relating to tasks and subtasks can also be preset in the configuration.