#1 Need

With the entry into force of the Legislative Decree. 24/2023, which took place in March 2023, the European Directive no. 1937/2019 (so-called "Whistleblowing Directive") was also implemented in Italy from 17 December 2023. The directive and transposition decree strengthen the protection of workers (precisely called "Whistleblower ”) who report to the persons in charge or to the company itself, illegal acts or fraudulent activities committed within the structure they belong to.

In essence, the Decree imposes on private sector companies with at least 50 employees or collaborators (or which operate in specific sectors) the obligation to establish procedures to manage reports, through the activation of an effective internal communication channel that allows timely and efficient management.

One of the channels, perhaps the most immediate, is the use of an online platform that allows reporting and guarantees anonymity.

#2 Scan

A company that has been our client for many years has asked us to identify the most suitable online reporting system and to implement an instance of it for them.

We carried out a market survey on what is available and made an ex-ante assessment of whether it would be more convenient to rely on an existing system or develop one from scratch.

We chose to use an open source software which, with some interventions and customizations, suited the client's needs well.



#3 Set up

Once the web platform has been chosen, we have set up a virtual server where we can install the instance dedicated to our client, evaluating the required performance, usage hypotheses and the overall cost.

Subsequently, the customization phase began, not from a graphic point of view, but rather for the development of a questionnaire that promptly responded to the requests of the client's legal office, therefore with exactly defined types of questions and answers and with a question structure whose visibility depends on previous answers.

The customization also concerned the management and administration parts of the platform.

#4 Rilascio

At the end of the customization, the testing phase and the customer checking that everything is ok, we released the whistleblowing platform, reachable from a specific URL, linked to the institutional website.

When a report is entered, which is completely anonymous (the platform does not even use cookies), an employee receives a notification to view the report and, possibly, enter a comment, which can be read by the reporter.

We have also provided training on the use and essential customization of the platform, so that the customer can manage the reporting procedures independently.