TNT Locker


#1 Need

TNT Global Logistic had signed an agreement with the inPost company for the distribution of Locker, automatic cabinets where recipients can have shipments delivered, throughout the national territory, as an alternative to their home or workplace.
The need was to train the TNT staff to the new functionalities and procedures and, at the same time, to make the system known to the users.

#2 Idea

We have proposed a hybrid solution, with videos and animations.
The animations serve to tell some emblematic cases for which delivery to the Locker is a valid alternative to traditional delivery.
The videos, on the other hand, tell how the Locker works, both from the point of view of the end user and from that of the TNT operator who must make the delivery.

#3 Solution

We have created a series of 2D animations that tell, using real photographs and drawings, some cases in which delivery to the recipient was not satisfactory, for various reasons, and how the Locker remedies the problems that emerged.
We then carried out a series of 15 video clips on the operations that the TNT staff  must carry out to deliver the parcels to the Locker and on how the end customer must work to recover them.
In order to train the TNT staff in the new procedures, the videos were uploaded to the TNT e-learning platform.