Online user manual


#1 Need

Have a user manual for the diagnostic software of the electronic control units used in IVECO assistance network.

#2 Idea

Create a multilingual user manual in PDF format suitable for both contextual use within the diagnostic software and for external use of the diagnostic application, for example during training sessions. The procedure for creating multilingual manuals is automated and managed by a special software.



#3 Solution

We have designed contents and layouts at the same time to obtain an object suitable for contextual consultation during the use of the diagnostic software and at the same time easily readable in case of printing. A sophisticated index always available also allows easy navigation between the parts of the manual if it is red outside the diagnostic application. We have worked in collaboration with the engineering and customer service departments in order to address the actual needs and the most frequent criticalities encountered by users. We are committed to describing the procedures in a direct form and with a precise and essential language, suitable for a rigorous translation in many languages.