#1 Need

Increasingly, large companies and public bodies, as well as small businesses, are turning to smart working.

This practice requires that training and information contents are not only accessible remotely in e-learning mode but also presented in a simple and effective way.

#2 Tecnologies

There are many technological solutions on the market. It starts from simple free tools, with the relative limits, to get to very complex commercial platforms. The choice of the LMS (Learning Management System) platform is one of the elements that determines the success or otherwise of an investment in distance learning.



#3 Contents

At the same time, it is essential to provide quality training content, which uses the most suitable media, which captures the attention of users for the duration of the training and which favors learning. The use of poor quality content makes training unattractive and, consequently, useless.

#4 OTTO's service

We have worked on many distance learning projects. In some cases we have developed the platform from scratch, in order to respond to specific needs; in others we have supported the customer in the choice and customization of commercial platforms.
Our expertise in drafting and preparing textual and multimedia content has been very effective in preparing and delivering high-level training content, tailored to the needs of customers, appreciated by users.