Absolicon Field Simulator

#1 Need

Absolicon is a pioneering Swedish company owning a unique technology for the extraction of energy in different forms using concentrated solar collectors, based on 20 years of research. The company was born in 2007, and nowadays counts 20 installations on 3 continents.

Absolicon needed to renew and improve the previous "Field Simulator", a web based tool allowing users to calculate energy cost savings by "drawing" the desired installation and geolocating it on a map.

The previous project, which was written in vanilla JS, did not use modern tools, was difficult to maintain and lacked responsiveness.

#2 Stack

Absolicon needed a web application that was as modern as possible and easily upgradeable and maintainable. An application based on known and widely used libraries.

We, therefore, decided to develop the entire web application using React and Redux, plus additional highly used and constantly maintained ecosystem libraries, all strictly Open Source.

We did not use any CSS framework, but we have developed every single component in a completely custom way in order to create a modern and original interface, with the help of the styled-components library.


#3 Versatility

The Field Simulator had to be easily embeddable within the official Absolicon wordpress website. It also should be available on any device, allowing users to draw their own collector on a Google map even using their smartphone.

We decided to create three types of views: mobile, tablet and desktop to take full advantage of all the available space, all using the most modern techniques to ensure maximum responsiveness.

The Field Simulator can be used as a widget, can be embedded in any space and module within the web site and can be set to fullscreen. It can also be served as a real stand-alone application

#4 Turnkey

We have released a product of excellent quality, focusing  many efforts in ensuring that Absolicon could have full control of the web application and full freedom and ease of use.

We have developed a special javascript library allowing to embed the web application within an HTML document by simply loading the library and taggin it in the desired position. The library takes care of rendering the widget instead of the tag, perfectly filling the available space.

We have provided everything with pre and post-processing documentation. The code is versioned and tested and at the complete disposal of the client.

Finally, here is the link to view the final result: https://www.absolicon.com/fs/