Indian Stories Indian Histories

Nova Americana

Fedora Giordano, Enrico Comba (edited by)

Proceedings of the 24th International Convention (University of Torino, May 2003) of the American Indian Workshop, the interdisciplinary association of European and American scholars brought together by the belief in the importance of the cross-fertilization of anthropology, history and literature for a correct approach to the field of Native American Studies.

The book offers a contribution to the interdisciplinary debate in history, literature, anthropology and ethnohistory for the re-definition of what is to be considered true history and stories, shifting the focus from Our side to Their side of the story.

Foregrounding the Native American point of view and the Native voice, papers deal with the many ways in which traditional, modern and postmodern Native cultures have storied life and universe in artefacts, religion, visual arts, literature, history and oral memories. Included are a tribute to Louis Owens and a debate on current issues in Native American Studies.



ISBN 9788887503821